The U.S. Coast Guard’s MRTT has been selected as a Government Security News (GSN) 2009 Homeland Security Award winner!

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) has been selected as a Government Security News (GSN) 2009 Homeland Security Award winner!

The award for Most Significant Information-Sharing Program was presented October 28, 2009 at the Honors Reception and Dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The ballroom was packed with officials from federal, state and local government agencies, as well as the CEOs and other executives of prominent companies in the IT Security and Physical Security fields.

Summary of the Award Text:

The Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) is recognized for the end-to-end improvements it has facilitated in the Coast Guard’s emergency and disaster personnel surge response communications and operations. MRTT is a web based tool that accesses the Coast Guard’s electronic data warehouse (EDW) to search out the proper personnel resources needed for the operation. As a web based system, with proper authorization, personnel can utilize the system whether they are at the office, home, or TDY, thereby reducing a unit’s response time. The system is also password protected so that unauthorized personnel cannot access MRTT or its host data bases. Requestors (those at the affected units, i.e. Sectors, etc.) enter the requirements (could be individual augmentation, full or partial Contingency Personnel Requirements List – CPRL), forwards the request to an approver, who then forwards it to the appropriate ISC (pre-modernization), where an electronic search for the appropriate personnel takes place. What took, in some cases, hours to research, now takes minutes. Once a match is made, the appropriate steps are taken to issue orders and the individual is ordered to the appropriate site. MRTT is capable of ordering active duty, reserve component, civilians, chaplains, and contractors to duty under this system, and with the proper authorization. Once the surge operation is completed, MRTT is instrumental in demobilizing reserve personnel and sending active duty, civilians, and contractors back to their home units with minimal delay and an assurance that all of the necessary administrative work that is required is completed.

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