Program Management

Program Management

IDEAMATICS staff have decades of combined program management experience who fully see through the execution and delivery of products across multiple contracts and projects. For over 40 years, IDEAMATICS’ program managers have led the way to the successful execution of over 360 projects in the government, public, and private sectors. 

Our Program Managers provide oversight of projects within a program to ensure projects maintain alignment with a program’s strategic goals, which involves supporting the individual project managers’ efforts. As a leading example of teamwork, coordination, and promise to execute after decades of experience, IDEAMATICS proves to have expertise to manage and deliver work at the highest quality for any business needs.

Project Management

IDEAMATICS staffs PMP (Project Management Professional) Certified Project Managers that are versed in project management best practices to ensure project success.  Our project managers understand all essential project management artifacts as well as where those artifacts fit into the various project phases (i.e., Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, and Closing).  We have extensive knowledge and experience with government CDRL (Contract Data Requirements List) documents and how to properly manage them for accuracy and on-time delivery.  Our project managers have managed numerous government projects that implemented SETR (Systems Engineering Technical Review) events.  In fact, our I-Agile™ Methodology was created for government projects that desired an Agile development process that integrated with the existing government review process.  However, our project managers understand not every project requires an Agile approach and understand how to evaluate a project to recommend either an Agile or Waterfall approach.

Program Management Tools

Implementing a solid project management process is paramount for project success, but having the right tools provides optimizations and efficiencies for our projects.  IDEAMATICS project managers are proficient in Microsoft Project for creating, baselining, and updating project plans.  We use Microsoft SharePoint for storage of project documents and artifacts such as schedules, plans, the risk register, and CDRLs.  Microsoft Azure DevOps is used for tracking requirements and the resultant work items (i.e., Features, User Stories, Tasks, and Bugs) from initial request to production deployment.  Additionally, DevOps provides our project managers with tools to track team capacity and team progress (via Burndown charts).  The combination of all tools we leverage enables our project managers to keep projects on-schedule and deliverables on-time.


Microsoft Project

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Teams


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