Entellitrak Development and Integration

Our Role with Entellitrak Development and Integration

IDEAMATICS has been a Global Alliance Partner with Tyler Technologies (formerly MicroPact) since 2018. Over that time, we have utilized Entellitrak® platform to provide rapid development of secure case management applications. Through our partnership with Tyler Technologies, our team of highly skilled and experienced Entellitrak® Certified Administrators and Entellitrak® Certified Developers create both out-of-the-box Entellitrak® applications as well as custom configurations for complex business requirements and functionality. At IDEAMATICS, we understand why Entellitrak® approaches case management with a focus on customer data - the data-first methodology allows configuration of business applications immediately by starting with existing case data and layering on policies and processes over time. This rapid application development allows for organization and hierarchy modeling, rules management, security and permissions management, advanced search engines, forms management, and content management. Leveraging an agile methodology alongside the data-first approach allows us to provide our customers with a proof-of-concept earlier in the system development life-cycle, which increases efficiency and maximizes return on investment (ROI). IDEAMATICS has the people, the process, and the experience to deliver custom Entellitrak® case management solutions on-time and on-budget!

Our Projects with Entellitrak Development and Integration

IDEAMATICS has used the Entellitrak® platform to carry out projects for the Naval Justice Information Systems (NJIS). Our Project Team worked diligently to configure sprint cycles, meet cybersecurity requirements, and conduct performance testing.  All sprints were delivered on-schedule and with exceptional quality, reflected by our "Exceptional" CPARS score for both quality and schedule.  IDEAMATICS is also the systems integrator for the Air Force Justice Information System, which went live in 2019 and is based on the Entellitrak® platform.  As a Global Alliance Partner with Tyler Technologies, our Team of Entellitrak® Certified Administrators and Entellitrak® Certified Developers can expertly tailor a solution for your business needs.

Entellitrak Development and Integration Tools

Entellitrak® allows IDEAMATICS to develop and deploy case management solutions that use custom code written by our experienced developers. Being able to customize the look, feel, and back-end operations allow our team to produce a tailored, custom solution. Our developers use JavaScript, Java, jQuery, and HTML to write custom pages, rules, and operations that integrate directly with the Entellitrak® platform.  We understand the importance of a reliable, well-performing Oracle database as a foundation for Entellitrak® - our Database Administrators (DBAs) are certified in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and cloud hosting. Microsoft Azure DevOps is our preferred tool for requirements management, code repositories,  document versioning, work item tracking, and reporting services. Our Developers use Eclipse as their Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which has both an Entellitrak® plugin and an Azure DevOps plugin. Azure DevOps fully supports our Agile Software Development process and has been an invaluable tool for our development and sustainment efforts. This software facilitates the Scrum framework, by encouraging collaboration, transparency, and efficiency among team members.  We also employ a full range of monitoring tools (including SolarWinds and Glowroot) to assess and evaluate system performance, as well as conduct Fortify scans to ensure a secure product.

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