Our Leadership

Dr. David Danner

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David L. Danner, a US Marine Corps veteran established IDEAMATICS, Inc. in 1975 with the vision to apply engineering precepts and techniques to the arena of information systems and computer science. Under his leadership, the company has established a reputation for careful, accurate analysis and superb system development (in the highly competitive Washington, D.C., market, over three-quarters of IDEAMATICS’ customers have repeatedly returned for additional services). In 1986 Dr. Danner founded IDEATECH, Inc., to manufacture and distribute his invention, the Ideal-Phone product.  The Ideal-Phone board integrated the personal computer and the telephone into a single efficient workstation. Aside from his successful invention, Dr. Danner has a stellar academic background and a passionate work ethic that has allowed him to publish numerous articles, papers and books on computer software development and database design, as well as conducting seminars and giving speeches on information systems in organizations. His phenomenal achievements and wide-ranging experiences covers all playing fields in computer science, information systems, engineering and business management which has allowed him to create a thriving and successful company.

Mr. Mike Schwartz

Vice President

Mr. Schwartz has served as our Vice President since 2008 with over 20 years of experience in Software Development and Project Management. For nearly half our company’s 43-year existence, Mr. Schwartz has seen and participated in rapid changes in the information technology landscape. As the IDEAMATICS Vice President, he has helped guide us to maintain our role in the Federal IT space by ensuring we provide secure applications for our clients and providing mobile friendly and native mobile applications to enable secure, reliable solutions available anytime and anywhere. To prepare for Y2K concerns, Mr. Schwartz updated the Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (MCMPS), a DOS-based system that automated military contingency workforce management.  He also transitioned the MCMPS to a Windows desktop client/server application, along with the Marine Corps Casualty Estimation (CASEST) and Mailgram tools. Embracing the rise of web-based computing, Mr. Schwartz led our development team to develop the Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS).  This system was delivered within 30 days after the Navy contracted IDEAMATICS and won the 2009 Navy Chief Information Officer’s Information Technology/Information Management Excellence Award.