Salesforce Certifications and IDEAMATICS

Salesforce Certifications

When it comes to CRM platforms, Salesforce is the gold standard that provides its users the perfect blend of out of the box features, custom code, and third-party add-ons. From developers to marketing to architects, Salesforce offers a large amount of specialty tracks that highlight a user’s expertise on the platform. Just like any cloud service, not just CRM and Salesforce, it’s important to understand the different roles and certifications offered by the service. Salesforce breaks down their platform into 5 simple roles with 30 certifications that specify an area of proficiency across those roles.

Certified Administrator

The first step into Salesforce would be jumping into the Administrator role. The Salesforce Administrator oversees managing users and their permissions, building simple or advanced reports, dashboards, and workflows, and configuring record types and page layouts. These responsibilities are critical to developing the platform from the ground up. Many Salesforce Administrators also utilize the Platform App Builder, which focuses on deploying custom applications designed for the platform and mobile deployment. Designing and maintaining the platform with Salesforce Certified Administrator core practices ensures the platform will run smoothly and utilize Salesforce to its fullest.

Platform App Builders are important professionals under the Salesforce Administrator classification. These developers play a key role in designing custom Salesforce Apps that meet business needs when out of the box Salesforce doesn’t have the solution. Platform App Builders have the expertise needed to build these custom apps by designing data models, user interface, and business logic that seamlessly integrate with the Salesforce platform. Platform App Builders are also responsible for mobile device optimization. With a world that is always on the move, it’s crucial to design a platform that works wherever its users are with whatever device they’re using.

Certified Consultants

Next comes the Salesforce Consultants. These professionals serve as the link between the client and the project team. The key actor here is the cloud consultant, deconstructed into a few categories like education, nonprofit, sales, and service cloud consultants. As a Salesforce Consultant, it’s expected to know the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform, so it’s required to first become a Certified Administrator. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to navigate a website that takes a million clicks to get to what you’re looking for. Cloud consultants address business needs by designing apps that can increase user productivity and satisfaction. These designs include thoughtful navigation layout of the application for ease of use, easy to access reference resources or contact portals, and quick and simple transaction processes in form submissions. Ease of use is carefully developed by Consultants to help end users and client users.

Key Certifications

Salesforce Administrators and Consultants are the key first steps in entering the Salesforce world. They are the foundation to pursuing further Salesforce Certifications, not only because other certifications have them as a prerequisite, but they also cover the core components of building on the Salesforce platform. A team of Administrators and Consultants are the backbone of the entire development team and help to quickly build a working solution with their knowledge.

Salesforce Professionals at IDEAMATICS

IDEAMATICS has a team of experienced Salesforce professionals who are Certified Administrators, Sales and Service Cloud Consultants, and Platform App Builders. Our Salesforce team is equipped to provide the development of your business idea or needs from the ground up. Our certified Salesforce professionals have worked on CRM projects that prioritize the production of fast and dependable results by utilizing Salesforce’s out of the box features. If there’s a need that Salesforce doesn’t cover, our experts are ready to develop custom solutions to integrate directly into the Salesforce environment. No matter the challenge, Team IDEAMATICS is ready to meet your business needs. Contact us for more details!

Writer's Note

This post was written just before President Trump’s executive order (6 August 2020) to ban TikTok in 45 days unless bought by a non-Chinese company. In the week prior to writing, there have been talks that Microsoft has displayed interest in buying TikTok from the Chinese company ByteDance. Around the same time of the announcement of the executive order, competitor platform, Instagram, released Reels. Instagram Reels mimics the same functionality of TikTok with quick navigation of 15 second videos. Reels is directly accessible from the Instagram app.

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