Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS)

The Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS) is a Web-based solution that streamlines the mobilization of reserve forces, captures mobilization-related data in a single system, and provides all stakeholders with end-to-end visibility into the process. This solution also centralizes and automates the generation of written mobilization orders, removing this burden from local reserve activities and eliminating the potential for manual errors.

"NMCMPS aids key Navy leaders at every level as a simple, one-stop solution that aids in the mobilization and management of Naval Reserve personnel," according to Dr. David Danner, President of IDEAMATICS, Inc.  "U.S. Navy organizations can monitor the status of reservists that are mobilizing to their commands, access information on their current whereabouts and even view a reservist's mobilization orders by employing the NMCMPS as a key enabling system."

A Platform for Business Intelligence

NMCMPS enables the Navy Personnel Command to collect data on the mobilization of reservists at all steps in the process-from the moment an order is created to the point at which the individual leaves the mobilization center for active duty. Similarly, the system captures the reasons why a reservist may fall out of the process, or why an individual is placed on medical, dental or legal hold. When the requirements tracking module goes into production, the data captured will be increased to cover those additional steps in the requirements generation and approval process for augmentation of Navy manpower.

Functional Description

On a functional level, NMCMPS is made of three components: a mobilization processing module, an order writing module, and a requirements tracking module. The first two modules are in use today, automating those parts of the mobilization process that begin after a reservist has been identified to fill an approved manpower requirement: generating orders for the reservist and processing the individual into active duty at one of 15 Mobilization Processing Centers.

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