The Navy and Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS) total development team, including NAVY program managers, key Navy Command and staff organizations, system users and contractors led by IDEAMATICS, recently completed its fourth quarter 2008 workshop. Used world-wide, NMCMPS was designed from day one to be able to meet the vast user base’s emerging requirements without major modifications to the core software. This design philosophy is known as spiral development. The preplanned workshops, integral to the IDEAMATICS development methodology are a technique for reviewing the current NMCMPS status, identifying the emerging issues and requirements, as well as establishing the Navy’s priorities for the next development cycle. Potential requirements are also proposed for future development and testing cycles. In the near future, NMCMPS will provide users with expanded performance metrics, more powerful system wide reporting tools, and the capability for select Navy organizations to use ID card bar code readers for direct input into the system.

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