IDEAMATICS Inc. deploys MRTT VBB Mobile App

The US Coast Guard announced the roll-out of a Mobile Device application version of its mission-critical web-enabled Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) Volunteer Bulletin Board (VBB) developed by IDEAMATICS. This mobile application allows USCG members to view, apply for, and receive status updates for Volunteer Opportunities posted in MRTT VBB. The goal of the USCG MRTT VBB–M as a member resource is to provide Coast Guard members with easy access to opportunities, routine and emergency response, from the convenience of their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

“The enhanced availability provided by the VBB-M benefits the USCG by casting a wider net, particularly important when personnel augments with specific skills are needed on short notice during any one of the many contingencies the USCG is called on to support,” stated Dr. David Danner, IDEAMATICS Inc., developer of the app.

The MRTT is the Coast Guard’s enterprise solution that can advertise, track and report mission critical requirements throughout the entire Coast Guard. This affords PSC, District DXR’s and Resource Unit Leaders working within IMTs or ICPs, greater flexibility in identifying and sourcing Coast Guard personnel assets. MRTT replaced a myriad of antiquated methods to accomplish this task. While not a replacement for TMT, or CGBI, MRTT synthesizes training, qualifications, and medical readiness information into one application, resulting in larger and more accurate candidate pools for any given mission critical requirement.

The Volunteer Bulletin Board allows a Coast Guard member to view current USCG requirements in MRTT, and apply for those that the member qualifies and is available for. Only valid USCG members can submit an application to be vetted by their Command, the supported Command and the sourcing agent.
If you would like more information please contact Dr. David L. Danner at 703 903-4972 or Email [email protected]

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