Carpathia publishes a Case Study on IDEAMATICS, Inc. support to the U.S. Coast Guard

Carpathia, a leading provider of hybrid cloud services and managed hosting, highlighted IDEAMATICS support to the U.S. Coast Guard’s mission critical Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool and Volunteer Bulletin Board.

In support of the USCG, IDEAMATICS developed the Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) and its complementary Volunteer Bulletin Board (VBB) web-enabled applications.

To meet the USCG’s operational requirements, IDEAMATICS needed an infrastructure partner that could provide a secure hosting solution, backup continuity of operations (COOP) capabilities, robust Internet access and 24/7 support. FISMA compliant hosting was critical to ensuring IDEAMATICS that the MRTT and VBB applications could provide a secure and convenient tool for USCG personnel use during contingencies.

Carpathia understood IDEAMATICS’ needs and worked to provide a solution that could more securely, conveniently and cost-effectively manage their hosting infrastructure. Carpathia determined the specific security, accessibility, backup and response time capabilities needed and developed an offering to meet the USCG requirements for responsiveness and uptime. After scanning for vulnerabilities and implementing the solution into the FISMA-compliant hosting solution, Carpathia and IDEAMATICS were able to create a system that the Coast Guard can rely upon.

Carpathia’s hands-on team of engineers and experienced staff delivered a secure FISMA-compliant hosted solution to meet the Coast Guard needs in support of its mission-critical MRTT and VBB web-enabled applications.

IDEAMATICS appreciates Carpathia’s steady and reliable teamwork since 2007.  For more information about Carpathia, go to

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