Servicing the Navy’s Recruiting Command with Salesforce’s Service Cloud


The United States Navy’s Recruiting Command, whose role is to attract, influence, and hire the highest quality candidates from across the nation.


IDEAMATICS, Inc. a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) with expertise in system integration, custom software development, statistical analysis, management information systems design and implementation, training, and maintenance.


The United States Navy hired IDEAMATICS to implement Salesforce as a major solution to their Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) modernization. After rolling out a brand-new recruiting application built specifically for the Navy Recruiting Command (NRC), sailors across the nation needed a premiere Help Desk solution that would track, manage, and provide metrics on key performance indicators. With that in mind, IDEAMATICS deployed a solution that was secure, accessible from anywhere, easy to use, customizable and adaptable to future requirements. IDEAMATICS attributes its success to its I-Agile™ framework which helps it deliver a great product ahead of schedule and below budget.


The Navy required a premiere help desk solution to give users organizational support, and training, in addition to providing metrics on system performance to leadership. The help desk would ensure support for the United States Navy’s transition away from a 40+ year-old system infrastructure to a state-of-the-art solution.


With a premiere help desk solution in mind, an implementation was built using Salesforce’s Service Cloud.

Utilizing a web-to-case email solution allowed users the ability to submit tickets via a webform. Cases then populate securely and automatically within the Salesforce platform for a help desk agent to review. Case submitters are automatically updated with easily customizable Salesforce generated email responses upon progressing to new stages; keeping the users apprised along the path to a resolution.

Additionally, both tier 1 and tier 2 agents are empowered to utilize a Salesforce feature called Macros and Quick Texts to automate repetitive tasks, such as sending standard emails, updating fields, and creating new tasks. This allows for prepopulated responses which help collect additional data and/or answer common questions with just a click of a button. With various customizable macros available to agents, activities that once took hours per day per agent now are substantially reduced and allow for increased productivity. For cases escalated to tier 2, a specific queue was created. This allowed tier 2 agents to review escalated cases and utilize their skills and expertise to resolve tickets.

With the service cloud, the Navy was able to get the full benefit of automatic communication tracking. This enabled agents to review all incoming and outgoing messages from within the case without the need to navigate into a different platform and searching for the thread history related to that case. Both agents at the tier 1 and tier 2 level update the case with a myriad of information that lend a hand to automation processes built into the background as well as metrics that are aggregated and displayed for review and monitoring.

While agents are working on resolving cases, NRC leadership has easy access reports and dashboards. This gives them insights into key performance indicators allowing for a real-time metrics on the issues and allowing for more agile system and process changes. With many cases coming in daily, agents are well equipped to securely track and manage cases for users with a personalized design while allowing leadership access to vital metrics.


IDEAMATICS proved that it could deliver a state-of-the-art help desk solution in conjunction with the successful roll out of the Navy’s newest recruiting system. IDEAMATICS exhibited its ability to come in ahead of schedule, below budget, and within scope. IDEAMATICS attributed its success to the use of its I-Agile™ software development approach. This novel approach generated measurable benefits through the project team’s ability to complete deliverables ahead of schedule and remain under budget, while assisting the USN in meeting 2020 recruiting goals almost three months ahead of schedule.

The IDEAMATICS I-Agile™ development methodology puts people-first, encourages team and stakeholder cohesiveness, and collaboration at its core, while being learning-oriented. These qualities empower Scrum Masters, the Scrum team, and the Product Owner with development, testing, and deployment tools to move fast and be successful.

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